6.35. GDBM-1.10

The GDBM package contains the GNU Database Manager. This is a disk file format database which stores key/data-pairs in single files. The actual data of any record being stored is indexed by a unique key, which can be retrieved in less time than if it was stored in a text file.

Приблизительное время сборки: 0.1 SBU
Требует свободного места на диске: 8.5 MB

6.35.1. Установка GDBM

Подготовим GDBM к компиляции:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-libgdbm-compat

Значение параметра configure:


This switch enables the libgdbm compatibility library to be built, as some packages outside of LFS may require the older DBM routines it provides.

Compile the package:


To test the results, issue:

make check

Install the package:

make install

6.35.2. Contents of GDBM

Installed program: testgdbm
Installed libraries: libgdbm.{so,a} and libgdbm_compat.{so,a}

Краткое описание


Tests and modifies a GDBM database


Contains functions to manipulate a hashed database